Cost saving, secure letter printing direct from your PC, pay as you use service from just 49p per letter*


Clarity Digital Mail

Low cost, desk top mailing, no contract, pay as you use service from just 49p per letter* 

A long awaited solution to every day mailing requirements for organisations large and small. Available completely free to use, without a contract, on a pay as you use service and already successfully installed with more than 70 GPS customers.

Clarity Mail is a hybrid mail solution to postal and printing requirements for companies of all sizes. Using a bespoke printer driver users can remotely print and mail letters that would otherwise be printed from your local or network shared printer at our secure print and mailing factory.

Key to Clarity Mail’s simplicity is the ease with which you can quickly and easily compose single or multi-page mailings and send them  directly from your desktop. Create your letters using familiar applications – Microsoft Word/Excel or directly from your in-house MIS. If you can select ‘File>Print’ you can use Clarity Mail.

From drop down menu’s you choose how you would like to send your letters, mono or colour, simplex or duplex, 1st or 2nd Class post. You can add additional pages as inserts too.


Postal discounts on every letter you send – guaranteed
Clarity Mail automatically sorts every one of your letters to the most economical postal tariff so whether you send 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 letters you benefit from significant Business Mail Advanced postal discounts on every letter you send. And because we give you a fixed price list you can see exactly how much you save on each mailing.

Cost Control
Clarity Mail will free up your internal staff and printer resources which means you can concentrate on your core activities – no more printing, folding, enclosing and franking of letters. Our customers tell us that they make additional savings through reduced requirements for printer toner, printers, franking machines and the reduction or elimination of printed letterheads and envelopes.

We provide each Clarity Mail user with their own specific printer driver which includes user specific permissions which means you have control over who prints and mails letters. You can also decide whether they print them in colour or mono (or both) and mail using 1st or 2nd class. Clarity Mail provides you with usage and expense reports giving you unparalleled cost analysis and control. We invoice monthly and can do so by user, department or cost centre as required.

Brand Control
Your letterhead is uploaded to the printer driver which means you can preview every letter exactly as it will be printed including the letterhead which ensures your brand is consistently printed on every letter you send. If you need to make a letterhead change no problem, just send us your new pdf and we will make it available for you right away.

Security – your peace of mind
Printed and mailed in one of the UK’s most secure transactional mailing facilities and fully compliant with the international data security standard ISO270001 and the Data Protection Act you have complete peace of mind that your data and letters are secure at all times.

Key benefits

Half the cost of internal letter printing and mailing
Savings too good to ignore

More efficient
Send letters in seconds straight from your desk or remote location

Greater Productivity
Allows your colleagues to concentrate on core roles so they can provide better customer service

Reduces your staff costs
More time spent on core activities

Huge postage savings
Clarity Mail bulk consolidates letters which means we obtain significant postage reductions and pass the savings onto you

Reduced stationery and consumables costs
We print your letters on large commercial, digital presses whose operational costs are significantly less than office printers

Reduced equipment cost
Fewer printers and franking machines required

Reduced energy costs (carbon footprint)
Fewer energy consuming devices required

Secure web portal included
Users can monitor letter progress and view their letters securely via the Clarity portal

Increased quality
High resolution, high quality print production

Brand control
Your brand is locked down within your stationery templates which you control

Increased control
Each user has unique permissions on their printer driver, which means you can control who has access to mono/colour printing and 1st and 2nd class postage, as well as allowing you to monitor the usage and expense of each user. This gives you unparalleled control and visibility of expense

Pay Monthly
With Clarity Mail we only invoice for letters that you send which means you make immediate savings

No need to top up your franking account
With Clarity Mail you have a 30 day credit account

Data Protection and Security
Every letter you send is printed and mailed in an ISO27001 accredited facility which means the  production and fulfilment processes are very stringently monitored and controlled. Your data and your letters are safe at all times

No contract
Use Clarity Mail when it suits you

No minimum spend
Send as few or as many letters as you like

Onsite training, user guides and YouTube videos all provided free of charge
Training resources are provided free of charge and there are no additional costs to you whatsoever

Freephone technical helpline
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm our freephone helpline provides a friendly and helpful resource to deal with your questions

To try out a Clarity Mail licence completely free of charge please call us on 01923 274670
or email


*46p for a single page letter printed mono, including paper, printing, folding, envelope, secure collation and fulfilment and 2nd Class postage with 30 days free upload of each letter to the Clarity Mail web portal.


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